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I'm Famous Club Experience offers Club owners the Opportunity to hold a Professional Photo & Video Marketing shoot for FREE.

Club owners have free access to professionally taken, relevant images for successful marketing and promotion of their club.  

An I'm Famous Club Experience will provide world class photos for exceptional marketing results.
A 360° Virtual Tour allows your club to be seen even when you're closed.
A great experience for the whole club to enjoy with memories that last a lifetime.

Do You Have Underperforming Images?

Most people do but don't know how to resolve this!!

Whatever your needs are, I'm Famous Club Experience offers dependable, professional service, working closely with you to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.
Do you have images that are relevant to your club that reflect your brand and style?  The care taken when posing students in our studio ensures this as we work with you to achieve the best results.
Are you confident in the quality of the images that you currently use for marketing and promoting your club?  Build a solid foundation for future marketing with a bank of images for you to access FREE. 
Encourage your students to be proud of their successes & celebrate their personal journey with a bespoke photo that offers a lifetime of memories.
Call now on 07545 392 430 to find out more

What Happens At An I'm Famous Club Experience

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Watch this video to gain an insight into what happens at an I'm Famous Club Experience.

Feel Confident In Your Marketing Images

The images you use are a direct reflection of your club - make them great!

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A Large Club Group Photo
We create a large Group Photo of all your students - a great way to make members feel part of the Club.
Personal Photo Shoot For Students
All students photographed in multiple poses in our studio.  Photos are created with graphic art backgrounds while they wait.
Access To Images For Marketing - FREE!
All professionally taken photos will be available to use in your Club marketing afterwards.
Any images requested will be provided as transparencies ready for you to use.
NEW FOR 2021! - 360° Virtual Tour linked Google Maps.
Video Creation - Club Tour, Instructor Interview, Marketing Video, Parents Testimonials.

When You Win, We Win!

We've worked with over 500 clubs so we understand what you're looking for...

We want both you and your students to have an amazing Club Photo Experience!  That is why we work so hard to produce outstanding photos that create great memories for your students and raise your club profile when used in your marketing.
We measure every successful Club Photo Experience according to the smiles we see on the day and the value seen by each Club Owner in our service,  because when you win.....we win.
Our clubs succeed with our images.  We have a proven track record of clubs using our images to capitalise on their growth.
Stay ahead of the competition - talk to us about arranging a 360° Virtual Tour of your club.  Let your club work for you even when the doors are closed!
We are a high-demand photography company that travels to clubs around the UK and Europe.  Depending on the time of year we can be booked out 2-4 months ahead.
Call us on 07545 392430 to find out more...

Club Photography Gallery

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I'm Famous Club Experience

Capture - Create - Celebrate

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3 !
Book An I'm Famous Club Experience
Call us on 07545 395 430 to book a zoom meeting so we can find out more about you and your club.  We can then look at the dates available and book you in.
Hold Your I'm Famous Club Experience
Arrange for your students to be booked into 5-minute timeslots.  We will individually pose them on the green screen and photograph them in eight different positions.  Parents and students view the TV and choose their favourite three poses and graphical background. All photos include your club branding.  Photos are purchased, printed and handed to the excited student with a free Facebook image for parents, or ordered online.
Your Club Photo & Marketing Images
After the Club Experience, your Club Members Group Photo will be created for you to approve and use in your marketing.  Any images that you wish to use for your club marketing will be created as transparencies upon request and sent to you.
Start Your Journey Today - Book a Zoom meeting for successful marketing and promotion of your club
Call us on 07545 392 430

Let Us Help You Succeed!

The Journey to Capture All of Life's Best Moments

Why Booking An I'm Famous Club Experience Makes Sense....
It is human nature to want to be the best at what you do. The problem is that staying on top and being the best is hard and requires dedication and excellence in many fields, one of which is marketing.  Many clubs think they are using good images, but are not, and this is causing them to not achieve their full potential.

At I'm Famous Photography we are driven to help clubs thrive and grow by providing high-quality images and an outstanding whole club experience for your members.  Call 07545 392430 and find out how we can help your club expand - working closely with you to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.
Start Your Journey Today - Book a Zoom meeting for successful marketing and promotion of your club

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